11/04/2013 – triplefrancis

Zack came through for me big time in a pinch. I had to sell my home in Louisville and move to Charlotte to start a job but also wanted to spend most of the summer between before the job started out of the country. Let’s start by pointing out that I had an offer within 60 minutes of the listing. And I was in Greece when the sale closed and the check was mailed to me in Charlotte. Between the offer and the closing, about everything went wrong that could go wrong on the buyer’s end and Zach was a Zen master during the entire ordeal, a consummate professional and the 3 way communication through his assistant Julie when he was not available was rock solid and thorough.

"The Golden Rule in the Bluegrass"


Fry Realty Collective


1747 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, Kentucky 40206