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Zach was very knowledgeable and helpful. He was quick to understand what I was looking for and kept an eye out and his ear to the ground. Zach helped me for about 6 months, through when the market was stagnate and mentioned a house that he thought I would like for about 2 months before it hit the market. As promised, I was the first one to see it and it was the perfect house for me!

Zach is very easy to talk to which means he can really figure out what you want and what will suit your needs and personality. He was an appraiser before his current role. Also, because of his focus in older homes, he knows about, and can point out, many details in each house that may otherwise go unnoticed, both good and bad.

I would (and have) highly recommed Zach to anyone purchasing a home in Louisville.

"The Golden Rule in the Bluegrass"


Fry Realty Collective


1747 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, Kentucky 40206